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3 Ways to Market Your Car Wash Successfully

If you are opening a new car wash, whether you have competition in town or not, you need to let people know your business is open and ready to wash some cars. You probably realize that the days of taking out ads in the local paper and sending people coupons is over. So how can you market a car wash in the modern digital age? Here are 3 important ways.

#1 Have on Online Presence

Having a website and several social media accounts can be a great way to get started. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great for a car wash business. You can post photos of the wash itself, or you can remind customers of reasons to get a wash. For example, show a car covered in pollen next to the same car following a trip through your express wash.

#2 Pay Attention to SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you to target locals who are looking for a car wash as well as travelers. The important thing is having your site geo-targeted for the city you are in and perhaps a few surrounding areas that people might be willing drive from for a car wash. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly is an important part of SEO since Google caters to the increasing number of mobile searches.

#3 Stand Out as Different

Whether it is your sales copy, logo, site colors, or a special promotion, you need to show car owners that your car wash is different from every other one in the area. This is easy to do if you run the only tunnel system in town. Just talk about how many cars per hour your express wash can handle and how state-of-the-art the equipment is. Don’t forget to mention anything that makes your car wash eco-friendly such as a water reclamation system. People want to hear that choosing your car wash helps protect the environment.

Marketing Your Turnkey Car Wash Project

When a turnkey car wash project costs $2-3 million (plus land purchase), you want to be sure that you’re not getting cheap with your advertising. You want everyone in town to know that you’ve got the best place in town to get a car clean. Plus, you want anyone driving by on a nearby Interstate or highway to get off at your exit when they need a wash on-the-go. In our modern world, digital marketing is how you accomplish the goal of building a larger customer base quickly.

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