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Minimal Staff Reduces Expenses of an Express Car Wash

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we have over 4 decades of combined experience in designing, building, and operating car washes. We started work on our first car wash in 1991. It was a full-service facility that required 15 to 50 employees to be on the clock at any given time. While the car wash was a huge success, payroll was a major expense.

We’ve evolved with the car wash industry to increase revenue and reduce costs. That’s why all of the car washes we design and build today are express washes, that can operate with minimal staff expenses. That gives owners the freedom to effortlessly run the business from afar while increasing profits. Here’s a closer look at our express wash staffing strategy.

Increasing Profits and Freeing Up Owners

A modern express wash can operate with as few as 1 to 3 employees on duty at a time. One staff member can easily operate the day-to-day operations of an express wash. An additional 1-2 employees can be present on busy days to help out if a customer needs assistance or if anything needs to be resupplied during the day. That means the tens of thousands that a full-service wash spends on workers every week is reduced to just a few thousand per week for an express wash owner.

It also gives you the freedom to enjoy your profits rather than being tied to managing a large team of employees. 1 to 3 responsible individuals can care for everything, while you can keep an eye on everything from your yacht in the Caribbean, simply using smartphone device. You don’t have to be tied to a local office, earning money you can’t ever enjoy because your business is open 24/7 365 days a year. Remote operations from a mobile device give you the freedom to enjoy the massive returns you can get from choosing an express exterior car wash as an investment.

Professional Car Wash Design that Minimizes Expenses

Car Wash Pro Designers has the experience to produce a turnkey car wash that you can operate from anywhere in the world with a mobile device and an Internet connection. After the small expense for 1 to 3 employees and a few recurring supply and utility expenses, everything else in this cash business is profit. So your initial investment of $2-3 million is quickly offset by the potential for $2 million or more in profits per year. Let us help you turn your investment into a self-sufficient business that gives you the freedom to enjoy your returns.

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