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3 Reasons People Love Their Local $3 Express Wash

The $3 express wash is now the gold standard in the car wash industry. Why are car owners excited when they discover that a $3 express wash is coming to town? Here are three reasons that consumers love the idea of a $3 express wash with free vacuums.

#1 A Fast and Affordable Car Wash Option

One of the big reasons people get excited about a $3 express wash is the value. They know that any time of day or night they need to get the grime off their vehicle, they can drop by and only need to shell out $3 for a basic wash. Free vacuums sweeten the deal and turn a first-time customer into a loyal brand advocate in a hurry.

Plus, this is a speedy option for the busy lifestyle people lead. Fewer and fewer people have time to get out the hose and vacuum at home, even on the weekends. But an express wash churns out a car every 20 seconds or so. That’s something even the busiest of people can do on the way home from work without having to worry about long lines.

#2 It’s an Environmentally-Friendly Choice

More people are becoming environmentally conscious. That means the average person may now realize that washing his or her car in the driveway uses a lot more water than getting an express wash from a facility with a water reclamation system. That makes it important to advertise that you use reclaimed water for your express exterior washes. If you use other environmentally-friendly practices, all the better.

#3 People Love Their Cars

Express washes offer more than just the $3 wash that entices most first-time customers. Before long, people who really love their cars are happy to occasionally spring for the $10 wash or one of the ones in between. If you have a loyalty club or rewards program, that will encourage people to come by even more often and will instill greater loyalty and customer satisfaction. Before long, you will have built up a long list of happy customers who are pleased to provide your establishment with positive reviews online. Positive reviews are basically free marketing for you so the more, the better.

Get Started on Your $3 Express Wash Today!

If you know a community that could benefit from a $3 express car wash, Car Wash Pro Designers is happy to offer our turnkey carwash design and construction services. That’s right – you supply the capital, and we do all the rest. To get started, fill out our online contact form today!


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