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A Car Wash for All Seasons

If you find that your car wash performs differently from season to season, you are not imaging things. How can you keep your wash turning out satisfied customers at any time of the year? Here are a few tips for making the right tweaks to the process (especially your marketing methods) as the seasons change.


Winter can be one of the ideal seasons for a car wash owner when handled properly. After all, in cold weather climates, people need to wash the salt off their vehicles regularly to prevent damage to the chassis. This gives you a great marketing opportunity.

At the same time, if your car wash is going to perform the same way that it does the rest of the year, you need to take precautions. Some car washes use heated floors to ensure ice doesn’t build up. Some cleaning agents perform better in the cold weather than others. Additionally, you need to be sure that your staff can stay warm.


Springtime is peak season for most car wash owners. The salt may be gone from the roads, but now drivers wake up in the morning to a vehicle covered in pollen. While pollen isn’t as damaging to the vehicle itself, no one wants to look at it, so you have yet another opportunity to advertise your car wash.

With longer days and daylight savings in most places, you may want to consider leaving your wash open later (if it isn’t already a 24 hour wash). Drivers may be willing to stop on their way home from work, even after driving in traffic, to get the car washed. In fact, some people find driving through the wash to be therapeutic. If your wash involves the driver getting out of the car, make sure there are some drinks and light snacks available in the waiting room to enhance the experience.


While summer brings the most agreeable weather, it can also result in more people washing the car at home in the driveway. The best way to promote your car wash in summer is to remind people that you reuse water, so it is actually less stressful on the environment to get the car washed at your facility than to do so at home. Climate change is a big enough topic to be a good marketing approach this summer.

The Best Car Wash, Any Time of Year

Car Wash Pro Designers wants to help you design and build a wash that makes money in any season. Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey services.


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