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A Consistent Experience Leads to Loyal Car Wash Customers

Have you ever seen a tradesman reach for the same old hammer time and time again, even though there is a shiny new one in his toolbox? Sometimes, you just want to go with a trusty tool that has gotten the job done for years. It is consistency that breeds loyalty. The same is true in the car wash industry.

Consumers love to try a new and exciting car wash. You advertise your $3 express wash and your free vacuums. But before long, customers are coming back weekly for one of the more expensive wash types. They may even join a loyalty club where they get unlimited washes for a monthly fee. Why? Because they know that every time they come through your express exterior wash, they will drive away with a clean car.

The bells and whistles are designed to acquire new customers, but it is consistency that will keep them.

How can you keep your car wash consistent?

Use Quality Equipment and Cleaning Agents

There may be a slightly higher initial investment, but using better equipment and cleaning agents is always going to bring in a return on your investment. Working with the top-quality car wash equipment manufacturers will ensure that you provide a better wash for your customers and that your equipment is less likely to fail. That means less downtime that could cause a customer to find another wash while you wait for parts to be delivered.

Quality cleaning agents go further, so you can use less and still get cars sparkling clean for their owners. You also know that these top companies are going to still be around when it is time for you to reorder. If you change your cleaning agents all the time because you are just looking for the cheapest supplies out there, consumers will notice the change in quality from brand to brand.

Maintain Your Equipment

Even the best car wash equipment will have a regular maintenance schedule for you to keep up with. This protects your investment from serious disrepair or the need for early replacement. It also ensures that you have less downtime. Remember that any time your car wash is not operational, a customer may try a competitor. If their wash is comparable, that’s a customer who may not return when your wash bay is up and running again.

Partner Up With Car Wash Pro Designers

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we have the experience that you want on your side when making a big investment. Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey car wash projects.


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