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A Successful Car Wash Business Starts in the Planning Stage

The car wash industry as a whole is showing exceptional growth and profitability. However, the success of an individual express exterior car wash may be based on decisions that are made long before you break ground on your facility. Here are a few things that need to be considered during the planning phase in order to maximize your odds of success.

#1 Where Will Your Car Wash Be Located?

Location is crucial for a car wash business. People need to be able to safely get in and out of your parking lot. However, it also has to be in a well-traveled area. That means you are looking for a spot with access from either side of the road (no median – you don’t want people to have to make a U-turn to get a wash) but where the speed limit is slow enough to make ingress and egress safe and simple. Being on a long straightaway is also a perk since cars will see your signage with plenty of time to decide to get a wash.

#2 From Approvals to Meeting Local Codes

This is the tricky part for many entrepreneurs. You may not know anything about local regulations regarding zoning, codes, and red tape that will have to be cut before you can start to build. A business can be dead in the water if it takes years and a small fortune to get started, exhausting capital in the meantime. It’s essential to partner with a design and construction team that has experience with all of this – particularly when it comes to car washes since there are also often local regulations regarding water use and the proper disposal of wastewater.

#3 Car Wash and Equipment Selections

One thing that’s simply not cost-effective to change after construction is your wash type and equipment. You need to know the direction the industry is going, and that means express exterior car washes. This was true even before the pandemic. People want the convenience of a clean car, fast, and without having to get out of the vehicle or interact with anyone. Conveyor-style washes are the future of the industry.

Get a State-of-the-Art Car Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers specializes in designing and constructing modern express exterior washes. We offer turnkey car wash projects that take you through every phase of the project, including things like getting approval for the build and ensuring that your wash will meet local guidelines. Get in touch today to learn more.

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