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Getting the Most from Your Express Car Wash Site Potential

You’ve found the perfect site for your express exterior car wash. You have good visibility for your signage. There are plenty of cars that pass by. It’s already zoned properly, or the zoning can be easily changed. You have all the advantages you need to beat the competition. Now you need to access that full potential of your land acquisition.

A Forward-Thinking Approach to an Express Exterior Wash

There are still more things to think about if you are going to take this property that seems perfect and use it to make money. Here are some of the things that will affect the ultimate worth of your property:

  • Designing the express wash – You want to design the express wash to handle not just the area’s current traffic flow but also any anticipated future growth. A scalable design allows you to capitalize on future opportunities for expanding your business without needing to find a new location.

  • Professional installation of modern equipment – Modern tunnel wash equipment allows you to clean more cars per hour, get them cleaner, and it leads to less waste when it comes to both water and cleaning chemicals. Water reclamation systems, in particular, can reduce your overhead and allow you to improve brand perception by advertising this eco-friendly feature.

  • Properly placing signage – You can have the perfect location, but if your signage is not placed properly, drivers won’t see it in time to make a snap decision and pull into the lot. Don’t discount the advantages of placing signs on all sides of your lot. For example, if the backside of the lot faces a highway, drivers may see your sign and decide to get off at the next exit to get a quick wash while traveling.

  • Hire a professional team to manage the project – From design to construction and equipment installation to sourcing your cleaning agents, hiring the right professional team to manage your project can make the difference between your perfect piece of property earning a fortune or just performing so-so. When you are investing millions, you don’t want to leave your success to chance.

Professional Car Wash Design, Construction, Equipment, and More

If you are ready to invest in the lucrative express exterior war wash sector, then contact Car Wash Pro Designers today. We have the design, construction, and car wash management experience that you want on your side when investing in this blossoming market.

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