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New Investors Lead the Car Wash Industry Revolution

The car wash industry is growing by leaps and bounds in the United States. This is due, in part, to the many new investors lining up to provide quality services to meet the demand for car washes. According to recent figures, more than one-third of car wash owner have been in business for less than half a decade. If this industry has also attracted you, here is some more market news you may be interested in.

Why Is the Car Wash Industry Growing So Rapidly?

There are a few things that explain the rapid growth of the car wash industry:

  • Unemployment is down. People with jobs want their car to look nice and can afford to keep it that way by running through an express wash a time or two per week.

  • The housing market has recovered. No one cares what their car looks like in the shared lot of an apartment complex, but in their own driveway, it suddenly becomes a big deal. No one wants their neighbors to see a dirty car in the driveway.

  • New car sales are up. A person may let an old junker get covered in pollen in the spring and road salt in the winter. New car drivers want to preserve the paint job on their investment, especially while they still have a car payment.

  • The US economy is growing. As long as the economy, stock market, etc. continues to go in the right direction, the service industry always does well. Who is going to spend half an hour of the precious weekend on washing their own car when they can have it done in 5 minutes for $10? Only people who don’t have $10.

Why Are Investors Attracted to Car Wash Ownership?

Here are a few things that make this an attractive industry from an owner’s standpoint:

  • Profit margins are high – Modern car washes produce mostly profit with minimal overhead.

  • No major chains – You don’t have to compete with the McDonald’s of the car wash industry. No one has that kind of market influence yet.

  • Cash business/no receivables – Everyone pays for the wash at the time they get it. You never have to chase anyone down for money they owe you.

Now is the time to get into the car wash business. Car wash services are in demand. It’s a cash industry, and capital is available from lenders to help you get started. You have the opportunity to develop a regional chain since few already exist. Plus, you get the benefits of profit margins it is tough to compete with in any other industry. If all of this appeals to you, contact Car Wash Pro Designers to discuss turnkey car wash design and construction.


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