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University of Texas Study Shows Car Washes Are Better Than Washing at Home

Many auto lovers have the mistaken idea that washing a car at home is a labor of love and is far safer for the vehicle. The short version of the study is that hand washing a car at home is far more likely to scratch the paint surface than taking the car to a modern, automated car wash. This is the kind of research that car wash owners need to share with their potential customers.

Here is some powerful info from the study:

  • Using interference-microscopic analysis, it was determined that hand washing vehicles could result in scratches that cut more than 10% of the way through the car’s paint.

  • While cars will look clean after both hand washing and a trip through an automatic car wash, there is far less effort and time involved in the automated wash.

  • People who are passionate about car care often go over the finish again and again to ensure no areas look dull. However, this extra time spent on the vehicle actually does more to damage the finish.

  • People who hand wash their car almost always use too little water to remove all of the fine particles. The result is that these particles are rubbed into the surface, thereby causing many little scratches.

  • Automated car washes use sufficient water, and modern washes are designed to cause no scratches. Fine markings measured less than .0003mm.

As you can see by these results, it is far better to take a car to the car wash than to care for it at home. Car wash owners need to advertise this fact. It is also a good reason to invest in car wash ownership – you are providing service that people in the community really need. You are protecting their vehicles and saving them both time and money in the long run.

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