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What Is an Express Exterior Car Wash?

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we offer turnkey express exterior car washes, and we have many successful clients who are reaping the benefits of this car wash design. But you may be wondering, what is an express exterior car wash? While there is no definition provided by the industry, there are a few things that are required to fit the description and perform as it should. Here are our recommendations.

#1 A Low-Cost Base Wash Option

This is as much for marketing as it is for anything else. You are going to upsell the washes with your signage and what is included in the fancier washes once someone is already in line. For years, we have been recommending a $3 option. You are trying to upsell these washes, anyway, so why not undercut the competition as much as possible.

#2 Complimentary Vacuums

The vacuums are another exclusive part of the express exterior wash business model. You are not doing anything on the inside of the vehicle with your wash, and you are not charging the customer if they choose to vacuum their vehicle after the wash. It is a service that you provide to draw in new customers and enhance the overall experience so that people come back for more.

#3 Rapid Wash Cycles

Cars should only be in the tunnel for a few minutes. In fact, when the wash is designed to move this fast, cars do not have to wait in long lines. The entire experience, from payment (with little to no wait) to getting into the wash to exiting, should be no more than 3 minutes once at the pay stations.

#4 No Contact

This is the feature that is making express exterior washes profitable even during the pandemic. Sure, you must have an attendant onsite, or even at the pay stations to assist in educating the customers and assist in the transaction process. But your customers should have an option to come into wash with a fully contactless and automated experience. From the pay station to the conveyor belt-style tunnel, everything about the wash should have a contactless and fully automated option. The customer is in control of the entire experience.

Hire the Pros to Design and Develop Your Express Exterior Car Wash

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we have decades of car wash experience. That means we have dealt with everything from coin-operated washes to luxury handwashes. Each has had its time and place. Now is the age of the express exterior car wash. Contact us today to learn about how you can invest in a turnkey car wash project. We take you all the way from the idea to opening day.

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