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Car Wash Pro Designers

Car Wash Bay Renovation

Updating your car wash equipment and technology can boost your profits.

3 Benefits of Rehabbing a Car Wash

  1. Gives you a competitive advantage against other local car washes
  2. Improves performance and reliability
  3. Reduces maintenance and supply costs as newer systems are more reliable and efficient
Car Wash Pro Designers

There are many ways to upgrade your existing car wash. You can turn a coin-operated self-service bay into an automatic wash. You can upgrade the equipment in your automatic bays. You may even decide to turn your whole operation into a luxury wash service involving hand washing or an express tunnel style wash.

Cost/Benefits Analysis

Is it worth it to upgrade your existing car wash operation? Here are 4 reasons the answer is yes.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Less downtime means more revenue

Car Wash Pro Designers

Reduced maintenance costs increase profits

Car Wash Pro Designers

New equipment means less waste and fewer supply expenses

Car Wash Pro Designers

State-of-the-art technology attracts and retains customers

Get Your Car Wash Renovation Started Today

Converting to a newer car wash system isn’t a complicated process. You may already have all of the necessary electrical and plumbing work in place to support modern equipment. Car Wash Pro Designers has extensive knowledge of modern car wash equipment due to our also being a distributor. Therefore, we can help you to determine which system will be the best for you to upgrade to.

If you are ready for a major change and want to upgrade your entire facility to a modern express tunnel wash, we also offer turnkey car wash design and construction. Already having land will avoid that extra cost for you (not including banking fees). Plus, you may not need any additional permits, and your history as a successful car wash owner may make getting money from lenders easier. Contact our car wash design and construction specialists today to learn more.

Ready to Start Your Car Wash Redesign Project?

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