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Car Wash Pro Designers

Turn-key Car Wash Design and Construction
Starting at $2.5-7.5 Million

Land cost and banking fees not included

Car Wash Pro Designers

Car Wash Building Design

“There’s a new place in town to get the best in luxury car wash services.” That’s what our modern and innovative car wash building designs let the neighborhood know right from the moment the bay doors open.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Turn-key Project Services

Our turn-key project services take you step by step through every part of the process. You start out with investment capital and end up with a complete business that can be run with minimal labor and expense.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Business Investment Opportunity

This business investment opportunity starts at $2.5 million (based on location and contracting). Our turn-key operation model allows you to start making money from day one with a business that requires minimal maintenance.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Car Wash Building Design & Construction

Our modern car wash building design and construction options provide customers with the immediate feeling that your business is unique and better than the competition. Our distinctive building design makes a statement and lets the neighborhood know that your operation is the new standard for car washes in town.


Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

By utilizing a business model that creates the maximum return on your investment from day one, your turn-key automatic car wash project starts producing profit immediately. Our decades of combined experience in the car wash business have helped us to develop the most efficient building plans and designs.

Command Center

To run an automatic car wash with minimal staff requires efficient design and planning. An efficient command center provides one person with the ability to keep an eye on the wash bay, the external canopy, and the lobby area. Good design leads to easy management, minimal staff, and fewer business expenses to cut into your profits and ROI.

Efficient Wash Bay

An efficient wash bay design helps save you money on car wash equipment and chemicals. Vehicles are left sparkling clean with minimal effect on your bottom line. As car wash designers, developers, and distributors, we have the unique ability to manage construction of your wash bay, provide the best equipment the industry has to offer, and keep you well supplied.

Environmentally Friendly

One way our car wash bays immediately start saving you money is through our state-of-the-art water reclamation systems. This system also makes your operation environmentally friendly. In the modern business world where consumers care about sustainability and a reduced environmental fingerprint, water reclamation saves cash and provides an instant reputation boost in the community.

Easy to Manage

Our car wash building plans make the operation as easy as possible to manage from afar. Minimal staff requirements mean that with just a few key people in place, you can sit back and watch your investment bring in returns. Plus, we offer everything you need for a smooth-running business including car wash management services, so you can put our experience in running car washes since 1991 to work for you.

Car Wash Branding & Identity

Our car wash building design provides plenty of landscape for your brand logo and special promotion displayso. Every aspect of the building is designed to draw consumers to your establishment and to make your brand known as the leader in the community for keeping any type of car sparkling clean.

Branding Options

From a company logo to other signage that advertises your business, we have a car wash construction plan that meets your vision. Color selection and building design options allow us to tailor your turn-key project to meet your unique tastes while keeping constructions costs down with our innovative development process.

Car Wash Equipment

By utilizing best-selling car wash equipment, your brand reputation is immediately boosted. From an efficient POS management system to wash bay equipment and vacuum canopy systems, we can provide everything your need for a car wash that provides luxury results. 

Car Wash Chemicals

Using the best car wash chemicals gives your customers the best wash possible. A well-designed building that provides plenty of storage space allows you to save money by buying in bulk and minimizes the number of deliveries that extra employees need to be present for. Once again, Car Wash Pro Designers saves you money while giving consumers the impression that you spend a fortune to give them the best.


For easy service and supply the storage tower opens to both the wash bay (specifically the blower room) and the vacuum area on the exterior of the building.

Chemical Storage

The bulk storage and chemical pod system contained in the secondary tower allows for excess soap and cleaner storage, so your wash can work longer between deliveries without the need to cut back on services.


We have two separate styles for our express tunnel, including a Dealership design and a Neighborhood design, and both are available in red, blue, and neutral color schemes. The towers also offer superior fascia square footage for large custom signage and advertising.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Turn-key Car Wash Business Model

In order to start seeing profits immediately, you need a turn-key car wash project that is designed to be convenient for customers. To that end, the business model is designed to provide the payment options that busy car owners want and need.

Full-Service Experience

Some customers want a full-service experience that involves talking to a person regardless of whether the car owner intends to pay with cash or a credit card.  This adds a personal touch to the customer experience without adding additional expense to you because the car wash is designed for one person to serve as cashier and keep an eye on car wash bay operations.

Automated Service

Busy customers may want their experienced fast-tracked by an express lane that lets them pay at an automatic teller. Accepting cash and credit minimizes delays and provides businesspersons with a way to get their car washed on the way to the office, during the lunch hour, or on the way home.

Loyalty Rewards

Providing consumers with a loyalty rewards program is a great way to increase customer loyalty and increase lifetime customer value. To that end, providing an unlimited membership that allows a customer to come back as often as needed at one flat rate can entice car enthusiasts to choose your establishment and recommend it to others.

Complete Car Wash Construction Cost

From site analysis to architectural designs and construction management to equipment and training, Car Wash Pro Designers is the premiere complete car wash construction company. With complete car wash construction costs starting at $2.5 million (plus land costs and banking fees), you receive a fully functional business. Here is a breakdown of some of the costs involved in a turn-key car wash project.


Land Acquisition

and Sitework

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you to acquire the right piece of property for a successful car wash. That means finding property in the right location. It may involve finding a lot with an existing building that can be efficiently renovated into a car wash. For new construction, it includes site analysis to ensure the property can support the needs of an automatic car wash bay.

Architectural Plans/Building Design 

Our unique and innovate car wash building designs are at the heart of the success of our company that has developed over $200 million in new construction since 1991. Our car wash architectural plans have created a reputation for us as car wash specialists across the country, meeting the needs of any climate and of both urban and rural areas.



Our expertise in the car wash industry puts us in a unique position to be able to manage the work performed by contractors and vendors. Besides location, this is one of the primary factors that affect total project cost as labor and materials prices vary greatly across the nation.

Equipment Acquisition and Installation

As car wash equipment and chemical distributors, we have the expertise and knowledge of the industry to provide you with everything you need to get started. From car wash bay equipment and point of sale systems for collecting money from customers to change machines and car dryer systems, we can provide every element of a successful car wash. 

Employee Hiring and Training

To run a car wash as efficiently as possible with a small staff, employees need to be meticulously selected and well-trained. When you take over the turn-key operation, your employees are equipped to take care of the day in and day out elements of the business.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Turn-key Project Financing

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you to finance your turn-key operation. Acquiring funds is a vital part of being able to purchase land and pay contractors. Getting the best financing terms can help you to be able to maximize profits during the early years of your business. We can provide a confidential consultation to help you see if your financial portfolio is strong enough to acquire the $2.5-7.5 million necessary to start your project.

Developing a Business Plan

Even if you have a strong financial portfolio, lenders are still going to want to see your plan for making money on the investment spelled out in writing. To that end, we can help you to develop business plan documents that are customized to your lender, thereby maximizing the chance of getting the necessary capital.

Financing Car Wash Equipment

As car wash equipment distributors, we can assist you in knowing whether leasing or purchasing your equipment is best for your needs. Then we can help you to finance that equipment in the most efficient way so that your rates are competitive with the current market.

Complete Project Financing

Often the best way to finance your investment is to bundle all of your expenses from land acquisition and building design to construction and equipment costs in one lump sum. Car Wash Pro Designers can help you to estimate final costs, develop a business plan, find a lender, and negotiate a great rate based on your creditworthiness.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Maximizing Your Profits

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you to maximize profits from your investment. We view your success as our success, so turning to us for a turn-key operation that starts turning a profit fast is the smart choice. From answering questions you may have about owning a car wash to marketing assistance such as developing custom graphics to make your business stand out, we’re here for everything you need. Here are 3 ways car wash operations provide a maximum profit.

It’s a Cash Business

You don’t have to worry about chasing down clients who owe you money. Every customer pays for the service in advance whether with cash, a credit card, or with a monthly membership. Plus, there are no franchise fees associated with a turn-key project, so all the profit is yours from the day your doors open.

Always Open for Business

There are only a handful of business models that allow for an operation to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with minimal employees and costs. An automatic wash bay with an automated point of sale system means that you can run the business with just a handful of employees, and never have to turn away a customer.

Car Washes Make Money

Auto Laundry News reported on a survey that revealed self-service car washes earn $55,000 to $100,000 per year and full-service car washes rake in $500,000 to $900,000. Statistic Brain also reported on car wash industry profits. While our $3 EXPRESS WASHES averaged $139,000 in revenue PER MONTH, and upwards of 2.5 MILLION a year.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Entrepreneur Opportunity

If you have always wanted to own your own business and have the freedom that comes with working for yourself, a turn-key car wash operation is a great business to get involved with. By lettings us build your car wash, you skip the growing pains of starting your own business and leap right into the profit-making portion. Here are three ways Car Wash Pro Designers help you to success.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Maximum Uptime

Americans spend approximately $5.8 billion per year at car washes. Having your business up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year maximizes the amount of that money coming into your business.

Resource Conservation

From your personal resources to natural resources, we know how to conserve funds and meet budgets. Outstanding design and construction practices result in the best project pricing starting at $2.5 million for a turn-key business. Water reclamation reduces your monthly expense and the operation’s overall environmental footprint.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s silly to look for car wash design and construction from people who have never owned a car wash. Car Wash Pro Designers are the successful car wash owners of the Boardwalk Car Wash in Des Plains, IL. We know how to leave car wash customers satisfied.


Car Wash Marketing Experts

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you get your business off to the best start. We’re not only car wash design and development experts but also know how to market your business. Ask about car wash logo creation to get the perfect logo designed for your new building.

Car Wash Pro Designers

High-End Construction

When consumers see the high-end construction involved in your car wash, they will immediately realize that they are about to get a high-end car wash from a business designed around providing a quality service.

Stress-Free Wash

From a car wash bay that produces a sparkling vehicle without damage to a comfortable environment for drivers, the goal is to make the car wash experience a stress-free break from the day. This leads to customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Car Wash Pro Designers
Car Wash Pro Designers


As car wash equipment distributors, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry. This means you get state-of-the-art technology in every wash bay, and your customers get the best experience in the industry.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Easy to Use

When your car wash system is easy for consumers to use, no one experiences the embarrassment of purchasing the wrong wash type or backing up a line due to improper use of the bay. Ease of use is a huge draw for consumers.

Car Wash Layout

Your car wash layout will determine how traffic flows. Lot and wash bay designs are created to meet the needs of different locations from corner lots to mid-block locations. Developing a layout plan unique to your property can help visualize the finished project and may be beneficial for sharing with lenders.


Attractive Design from Any Angle

Our attractive building designs look perfect at any angle. That means regardless of the location of your car wash, drivers will notice it and remember your stylish design the next time a car wash is needed.

Car Wash Pro Designers

A Building for All Locations

Regardless of the state you want to open your car wash business in, you can rest assured that our designs will not only fit in with modern local architecture but will also accommodate all types of weather, from cold and snowy to hot and dry and everything in between.

Eye-Catching Design

Our buildings are designed to catch the eye of someone passing by so your building design doubles as one of your best marketing strategies.

Car Wash Pro Designers
Car Wash Pro Designers

Show Off in Style

From the street, drivers will be able to see patrons getting their cars washed. This layout is designed to draw in more customers as they see quality work being performed.

Highly Visible

From stunning color use to display of your attention-grabbing logo, everything about our car wash plan is designed to make sure your business is visible.

Car Wash Pro Designers
Car Wash Pro Designers

Modern Design

Modern design gives customers the immediate feeling that your building isn’t just new but also superior to your competitors. State-of-the-art equipment delivers on that visual promise.

Customer-Centric Design

Your customers are the lifeblood of your car wash business. To that end, Car Wash Pro Designers has developed the perfect plan for making your wash as user-friendly as possible.

Car Wash Pro Designers
Car Wash Pro Designers
Car Wash Pro Designers

No Waiting

Well-designed lanes and bays mean that wait times are minimal. Little to no wait times enhance customer experience.

Speedy Wash

Quick washes provide a great clean while moving customers through the line quickly. This allows busy customers to stop in regardless of how much time they have.

Dryer Area

The dryer area features multiple bays, so drivers don’t get bottlenecked. Change machines provide convenience for drivers with no quarters on hand.

Visible Signage

Making entrances, exits, and other signs highly visible ensures that each customer can see where to go for the next part of the process.


Stunning Car Wash Design and Construction

There’s no better way to turn an investment into big returns than with a car wash design that is meant to impress. This is the Taj Mahal of car washes.

Fast Profits

Your turn-key car wash business starts making money from day one.

Manageable Workload

A simple, employee-run facility means minimal work for you.

Iconic Design

Your building quickly becomes one of the most recognizable in town.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Get Your Investment Started Today!

Turn our expertise into your profits. With $130 million in general and commercial contracting under our belts, you know you are dealing with the car wash industries professional design and construction experts.

What to expect from Car Wash Pro Designers

Car Wash Pro Designers

Est. Cost (Excluding Land and banking fees)

​$2.5 - $7.5 Million​

Car Wash Pro Designers

Tunnel Length

150ft (Ideal)

Car Wash Pro Designers

Cars Per Hour

1 Car Per Belt Foot
(I.E. 150' = 150 VPH)

Car Wash Pro Designers

Build Time

6-10 Months

Car Wash Pro Designers

Vacuum Stations

Contact to learn more

Car Wash Pro Designers

Detergent Supply

Contact to learn more

Car Wash Pro Designers

Stainless Steel Lifespan

30+ Years

Car Wash Pro Designers

Approx. Building Dimensions

150' x 35'

Car Wash Pro Designers

Number of Employees

1 - 5

Car Wash Pro Designers

Weather and Location

Car Counts Fluctuate with Seasons and Weather

Car Wash Pro Designers

How to Get Ready

Contact to learn more

Car Wash Pro Designers

How Long Before Growth

1 - 3 Years

Ready to get Started?

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