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Upgrade Your Automatic Car Wash Bay

Boost revenue quickly by replacing your old car wash bay equipment with a modern automatic unit.

Replacing Your Existing Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Whether you have been in business for years and it is time for an upgrade or you started a new business and learned the hard way that not all automatic car wash bay equipment is created equal, Car Wash Pro Designers has a solution to meet your needs. Our simple, easy to operate solutions help modernize your business, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce waste. If you are ready to upgrade your automatic wash bay to a state-of-the-art car wash unit, contact us today!
We also offer turnkey car wash operations that take an investor from the initial idea to the grand opening of a new express wash. There are options to meet every car wash owner’s needs.
Car Wash Pro Designers

Upgrade Your Automatic Car Wash Bay Equipment Today!

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