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Car Wash Pro Designers


A professionally equipped and operated car wash business represents one of the most attractive investments available in today’s economy.

A car wash can be very profitable, either as a primary business or as an adjunct to another similar business such as a convenience store, quick lube, or laundromat.
With a professional car wash business equipped completely with car wash equipment designed and built by, you’ll generate a high rate of return in a fun business that can be extremely profitable and simple to operate. The car wash business is a cash business with no receivables or collection problems. You’ll even earn money while you sleep. Fully automated equipment operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Potential Profit

The Auto Laundry News 2015 Self-Service Survey reports that the average self serve coin operated car wash, with an in-bay automatic wash also on site, realizes a $1,579 gross monthly income per wand wash bay (average of 5 bays per location). The same survey reports that an automatic wash on the same site generates $6,579 average gross monthly income per bay.
The returns are even greater for locations with automatic car wash equipment from us! The addition of an in-bay automatic car wash system such as the IQ In Bay 

Automatic Car Wash System or i5000 In Bay automatic System has helped many operators earn 4 to 10 times more than the average monthly revenue per self serve bay.

A state-of-the-art professional car care center equipped with Car Wash Pro Designers can provide a high annual return on investment. In addition to helping you obtain positive cash flow while your property and land value appreciate, a equipped car wash offers excellent depreciation and tax advantages.


in Your Pocket

The car wash business is a cash business with no receivables or collection problems. The market potential is huge for centers that turn out a clean car for each and every customer.  Plus, you keep all of the profits. There are no franchise fees or royalties associated with owning a equipped professional car care center.

Car Wash Pro Designers

Open 24/7/365 with Minimal Employees

Car washes earn money around the clock. Fully automated equipment operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year with only a minimum amount of labor. In fact, most equipped professional car care centers employ less than 1 full-time employee. Imagine the savings on salaries, payroll, and withholding taxes compared to labor-intensive businesses!

We Can Help Your Car Wash Be a Success!

Car Wash Pro Designers can help guide you to get your new car wash business started on the right path. Feel free to check out the helpful information we’ve provided here about Starting a Car Wash, Site Analysis, Architectural Design, Financing, Rehabbing a Car Wash, Converting an Existing Self Serve to an Automatic, and Replacing Existing Automatic Equipment with New Automatic Equipment and Custom Graphics.

Contact us today to start the discussion with one of our experienced car wash professionals about meeting your goals and needs – we will ask questions to get a complete picture of your goals and answer your questions about owning a car wash business.

We look forward to being your partner in making your car wash business successful!

Ready to get Started?

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