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Emerging Technology in the Car Wash Industry

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the willingness of drivers to pay more money for a faster and better car wash is what is presently giving birth to the technology boom in the car wash industry. There are really 3 factors that surround new developments in car wash technology. They are cost, speed, and quality. Let’s take a look at how new equipment is addressing all three.

Keeping Car Wash Costs at a Minimum

Drivers are willing to pay more for a better wash, but they still want the most bang for each buck they spend. In order for a car wash to provide reasonably priced services to the general public and still turn a profit, that means efficient equipment that uses minimal product.

One big expense in the car wash industry also takes a toll on the environment, and that is water consumption. As a result, water reclamation is a major element of the modern car wash industry. Saving water is good for the environment and attracts eco-conscious consumers. It also lowers the operation’s bottom line. This increases profits while allowing some of the savings to be passed on to patrons.

The Express Car Wash – Speeding Up the Process

There are two reasons car washes need to be faster than ever. First, people live busy lives. Someone may make the decision whether or not to get a wash during lunch or on the way home based on how long the express wash takes.

The second factor is competition. If the car wash across town is faster and does just as good of a job for a comparable (maybe even slightly higher) price, guess where consumers are going to go. No one wants to wait on a line around the block to get a car wash. That turns a relaxing experience into a stressful one.

It’s no wonder that modern tunnel washes can churn out well over 100 cars per hour!

No One Wants to Sacrifice Quality

Demanding consumers want it all. The wash needs to be affordable and fast, but if there’s a speck of dirt on that car after the wash is done, all that convenience goes right out the window. Thus, the primary focus in modern car wash equipment is to provide the best clean quickly without damaging the vehicle finish. As a result, friction wash materials have been upgraded to beat stubborn dirt away from a car without hurting the paint, mirrors, or wiper blades.

State-of-the-art car washes need to be the perfect blend of speed, efficiency, and quality. That calls for the latest technology emerging for the industry.

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