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3 Eco-Friendly Techniques for Growing Your Car Wash Business

3 Eco-Friendly Techniques for Growing Your Car Wash Business

Running an eco-friendly car wash has benefits for the Earth but also for the investor in and owner of the car wash. Most of the techniques involved in making a car wash easier on the planet also save money, thereby increasing the bottom line. Consumers are also attracted to conscientious businesses, so it can be an effective customer acquisition tactic. Here are 3 eco-friendly techniques that you can use to grow your car wash business.

#1: Reduced Water Use

How do you clean cars while using less water? The fact is that modern car wash pumps are more efficient. Therefore, lower horsepower can be used, and less water can be dispensed while achieving the same level of clean. This also favors a tunnel car wash over brushless bay washes that rely on water pressure to get a car clean. Modern tunnel washes utilize soft brushes get cars cleaner without damaging the finish.

#2: Modern Soap Dispensing

Modern soap dispensing systems reduce the amount of soap necessary to get a car clean. This provides ecological benefits in two ways. First of all, fewer chemicals used during the wash means less pollution for the environment. Second, less soap means less reside and therefore a decreased amount of water required for the final rinse. So again, water is being conserved.

#3 Reclaiming Used Water

This is the big advancement in car wash systems. Used water is collected underground and rerouted to a tank. It is filtered so that when the water is reused, it is clean. This filtered water can then be used on multiple vehicles. The water may not be pure enough to drink, but it is just fine for getting a car sparkling clean.

As a result of water reclamation systems, a car wash can reuse more than 80% of the water that was previously wasted. The amount of money saved by such a system cannot be understated. This is the number one way that a car wash can protect water – a precious commodity – while cutting a major wash expense. Promoting your car wash’s reclamation system is a great way to bring in customers who are eco-conscious.

Car Wash Pro Designers Can Help Grow Your Car Wash Business

By implementing these factors in a new building design project or in a renovation of an existing car wash, Car Wash Pro Designers can help improve your revenue and net profit. Plus, going eco-friendly is great for your brand’s image. Contact us today to learn more!

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