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Why Spring Is a Great Time to Be a Car Wash Owner

Why Spring Is a Great Time to Be a Car Wash Owner

The car wash industry rakes in billions of dollars every year, but the most exciting time of year for car wash owners has to be spring. Why is this the case? How can you market your car wash effectively during the spring season? Read on to learn more about your prospects for revenue increases during the warm weather months.

Pollen – The Car Owner’s Enemy Is the Car Wash Owner’s Friend

No matter where you live in the US, pollen becomes an issue for car owners in the spring. Dark color cars show off the yellowish-green color prominently, but even white cars look silly with pollen caked on. As a result, car owners flock to car washes, sometimes on a daily basis. No matter how clean a car is at night, if it’s not in a garage overnight, it can be covered once again in the morning. Of course, even owners with a garage still have to leave the car in a work parking lot all day during the week. So the opportunity is there to increase car wash use.

How to Capitalize on Spring Pollen to Boost Revenue

Using imagery that depicts cars covered in pollen next to cars that are sparkling clean is a great way to advertise your car wash during springtime. You may even want to run a special for consumers who want to buy multiple washes. In fact, spring pollen gives you a way to increase profits for months to come.

What some car wash owners have decided to do is offer a monthly, quarterly, or annual cleaning deal. One fee gets the person unlimited washes for a set amount of time. The longer the time period, the better savings. The thing is that while a person may drive through a few times a week during spring, the car wash may rarely be used the rest of the year. That’s just fine with you because you’ve already sold a year’s worth of car washes. This can provide you with increased immediate revenue or increased monthly revenue if you bill an annual plan monthly over the course of the year.

Spring Revenue Can Boost Your Annual Bottom Line

Don’t miss your opportunity to let spring car wash revenue boost your bottom line for the entire year. Contact Car Wash Pro Designers for turnkey projects that are profitable all year around. Our car wash design and construction experience can help you to invest in a profitable standalone business or to create an entire car wash franchise.

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