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Which Is Safer for a Car’s Paint – Handwashing or an Automatic Express Wash?

We’ve had a few questions come up on this topic lately and want to address the concerns of our readers. You may be shocked to find out what the answer to that question is. Fortunately, we don’t have to guess. The University of Texas performed a study that compared handwashing a car with automatic washes and the effects that both have on a car’s paint job. Let’s examine the results of the study.

Results of the Study Regarding Handwashing a Car at Home

The fact is that most people don’t have professional car washing equipment at home. They are using a regular hose, perhaps with a nozzle attachment. Many are utilizing sponges or a washing mitt for apply soap. The fact is that according to the study washing your car at home even over the course of one year (about 25 washes) can leave marks that go up to 10% of the way through a car’s paint. It is no wonder then that the research revealed cars that are regularly washed in a person’s driveway saw the paint’s reflective surface gradually dulled over time.

What were the biggest issues when it comes to handwashing? The primary issue is that the volume of water required for safe washing is rarely used. When a car is still covered in tiny particles due to a lack of proper water pressure, even a high-quality washing mitt can leave scratches.

Contrasting Results of Professional Car Washing

Even after 25 automatic washes, the worst marks in the paint were a mere .0003mm in depth. You get the same beautiful appearance following the wash without the damage to the vehicle itself. The cloth pads and curtains used in modern express washes are gentle on a car’s paint job but still do the job of getting the vehicle clean.

In the end, researchers found that the best way to care for a car was to use the automatic wash and to apply some wax on occasion. It’s no wonder that more and more drivers are choosing to save their time and money by pulling through a $3 express wash. Your car will thank you.

The Time to Invest in a $3 Express Car Wash Is Now

If you are looking for a fast-growing industry with the potential for making a huge return on your investment, the car wash industry is for you. Car Wash Pro Designers have decades of experience in designing, building, and managing turn-key express car wash operations. Contact us today to get your investment started.

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