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Drawing in Customers with a $3 Express Car Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers

In a previous post, we discussed the $3 express car wash as the future of the industry. In that article, we noted that some owners have reported profits in excess of $2 million in per year. Perhaps you tried to do the math on that and it didn’t seem quite right. Here’s the secret.

The $3 Car Wash Sign is the ‘Draw’ that brings Customers In

Clearly, you can’t make that kind of money only offering $3 washes, even churning out a car from the express wash every 20 seconds (4 minutes start to finish). That’s why the $3 wash is the minimum price. Our facilities also offer other car wash levels, those cost are $5, $8, and $10. The 4 wash levels our Express Exterior washes offer, provide a typical average of $6.67 per wash.

Being able to put a sign up on your car wash that says $3 is a great marketing tactic, and is a genius tactic to draw clientele that typically would not pay for a car wash, or others that would not wash on days that were calling for rain or snow. But for every person whom is drawn in by the intriguing $3 signs, you are just as likely to have someone decide to go with a more expensive option once they are in line to purchase. In fact, you may even have someone come in for the $3 wash, find out there are other levels, and become a repeat customer who tries all of the washes to decide which one he or she considers to be the best value based on the services offered and how long the car stays clean.

Marketing Your $3 Express Car Wash

Having a fast and cheap option available at your car wash is a great marketing tactic. If your competitor’s washes are all priced between $15 and $35 and can take up to an hour to complete, you draw in the crowd that just wants to get in and out in minutes with a freshly washed car and those who want to splurge for your $10 wash with all the bells and whistles.

Your Source for Professional Car Wash Design and Construction

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we specialize in delivering turn-key express car wash businesses. That means we have team members who can help with everything from property acquisition to building design and construction. Flexible financing options help investors with diverse portfolios to acquire the funds needed for these 2 to 3 million dollar projects that turn into high-profit businesses quickly. We also offer car wash equipment and supplies, installation, staff hiring and training, and everything else you need to have your business be a success from day one. Contact us today to get started on your new business venture!

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