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Educating Customers on the Advantages of an Express Wash Over Driveway Washing

Educating Customers on the Advantages of an Express Wash Over Driveway Washing

When it comes to environmental conservation, a $3 express exterior wash is far superior to driveway washing of a vehicle. You know that. But how can you convince your potential future customers that they are not only washing their car in a more convenient way but also in a more earth-friendly and safe-for-your-vehicle way by coming to your tunnel wash rather than washing the car at home? Here are a few tips.

  • Focus on the global water crisis – Let consumers know that you are interested in more than just your town, but that you care about the global climate. That is why your express wash is using green methods (such as water reclamation) to reduce water waste and chemical runoff that are common with driveway washing.

  • Use statistics – For example, let your customers know that an automatic wash can save about 80% of the 116 average gallons used when washing a car in the driveway at home. If you use an ultra-efficient system that saves even more water than that, let everyone know.

  • Water reclamation and runoff – Water reclamation systems do more for the environment than just conserving water. They also collect the dirt, grime, wax, detergent, and other pollutants that become part of the runoff when someone washes a car at home. Rather than those pollutants ending up in a nearby water supply, most of the cleanup happens right there at the car wash. Thus, it can help make the local water supply safe too.

  • Paint Damage – A Harvard study showed, that washing your vehicle at home under the direct sunlight, magnifies the suns rays like a magnifying glass ultimately causing the bring away of essential clearcoat layers over time, making your vehicle vulnerable to its manufactured protections. Whereas todays express exterior washes, are using state-of-the-art equipment’s and products that have virtually zero negative impact on a vehicles paint or clearcoat.

  • Donate to charity – Charity car washes draw a lot of people who want a clean car and to help a good cause. But these washes waste water and pollute the environment. Encourage those who want to donate to a cause to go to your express wash by letting the public know that you make donations to charity out of the company’s profits. Then donate to local causes like school programs. It’s good publicity for you, helps to attract community conscious car owners, and it’s a way to give back to the community, all while conserving water and reducing pollution.

Educating Express Wash Owners with Marketing Ammo

Car Wash Pro Designers is proud to provide express wash owners with the information you need to market your business successfully. We’re also turnkey express wash designers and builders. So don’t forget to contact us today to get started on your express exterior car wash investment.

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