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Why You Need High-Quality Water for Your Express Exterior Car Wash

Why You Need High-Quality Water for Your Express Exterior Car Wash

Customers at your express exterior wash expect, above all, that their car will be clean when they drive off the lot. The quality of your water plays a major factor in whether that expectation will be realized. Here are some things you need to know about the quality of water being used at your express wash.

  • Hard Water – If you have car washes at multiple locations, you will find that the amount of solids in the water will vary from location to location. If you have particularly hard water – lots of solids – then it will take a longer spot-free rinse to clear all of those solids away. Otherwise, cars may dry with those spots on the vehicle, and that’s a big no-no.

  • pH Levels – On the pH scale, 7 stands for neutral. Anything lower is considered acidic, and anything higher is considered alkaline (base). You want your water to be as close to 7 as possible because extremes in both directions are going to be bad for the finish on vehicles (not to mention rough on your equipment). A reverse osmosis (RO) system can help to remove high levels of chlorine that may be coming from the municipal water supply in order to kill bacteria.

  • Water Testing – It is a good idea to test the water at your wash periodically because the quality of the incoming water may change over time, even if you a filtration system in place. This will let you know if your filtration system is continuing to do its job. You may also see a difference in the quality of water coming into the filtration system requires an upgrade.

  • Softeners Versus RO – Water softeners can remove much of the sediment from water. However, it is unlikely to remove all of it or to have a significant effect on the pH level of the water. Thus, it may be necessary to use an RO system, especially for the water in your final rinse.

  • Water Reclamation – Finally, if you are going to be reusing water (and you should, both for the environment and to reduce expenses), you want to be sure that your water reclamation system takes enough solids out of the water that it can be effectively reused to clean other cars.

High-Quality Express Exterior Wash Design and Construction Services

If you are looking for a turnkey express car wash, you want the design and construction experts at Car Wash Pro Designers in your corner. From finding the perfect location for your $3 express wash to hiring the right team to man the station for you, we can assist with every step of the process, leaving your only job to be making money.

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