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How to Increase Dollar Sales Per Customer at Your Express Exterior Car Wash

How to Increase Dollar Sales Per Customer at Your Express Exterior Car Wash

You’ve got customers coming to your express car wash on a regular basis. Now you want to increase your profits. One of the best ways is to encourage your existing customers to spend just a little more when they come in for a car wash. We’re going to give you two ways to bump up the price of sales per customer.

Promoting More Expensive Wash Types

There are two things that catch the eye of a consumer and bring them into your express exterior wash. The first is the sign that lets everyone know you offer a $3 wash. The second is the sign that lets everyone know the vacuums are free. But once a driver pulls into the lot, you want to make more than $3 for a quick wash and vacuum.

That calls for having an extensive list of wash options that provide more services. You don’t have to bump up the prices a ton. The next level wash could be as low as $5, and you’ll still make almost double per customer if you can convince them to upgrade. Be sure to offer a premium wash as well. These can cost $10 or more depending on the options you offer. Having another option or two in between is also a good idea. The more choices you provide, the more likely you are to increase the sale by even just a dollar or two.

Promoting Loyalty Programs

Unlimited monthly memberships are a great way to get your customers to spring for the more expensive washes. A good rule of thumb is to price your unlimited memberships at a point where the customer will save money if they get 3 or more washes per month. Remember that the extra trips through the tunnel will cost you next to nothing, so you’re more concerned with getting consumers to purchase the more expensive wash types on a monthly basis. Loyalty programs just about always bring in more profit, even if they add a little more to expenses, so don’t shy away from unlimited deals. You can also offer passbooks, that provide a smaller discount when a customer buys a certain amount of washes. Of course, unlimited plans and passbooks don’t apply to the $3 wash – that’s already discounted as low as it will go.

Invest in Your Express Exterior Car Wash Today

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