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4 Elements of Success for Your $3 Express Car Wash

The express car wash industry is growing rapidly, and the majority of the owners, in the right locations have reported several million dollars in washes per year. If you are a new express wash owner or are looking to invest your money in this type of business, what are the key elements to success? Here are four things you’ll need to make it big with a $3 express exterior wash.

#1 Investment Capital

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You have to have money to make money.” In reality what you need is investment capital. To have a $3 express wash designed and built from the ground up will cost you about 2-3 million dollars plus land costs. Banks funding these projects, are looking for three (3) minimum requirements:

  1. 20% Commitment to the overall project cost.

  2. Land approved for use (Car Wash/Auto Laundry).

  3. Credit Score Higher than a 700

#2 Express Wash Equipment

The equipment used for a $3 express wash is designed to churn out 3 clean cars per minute. That means you should be able to wash 180 cars per hour during peak volume. But you must have the right equipment to handle that type of volume, while simultaneously producing a good car wash result. You also don’t want to lose profits to waste, and that means using top of line equipment that will improve efficiency. For example, a good water reclamation system can cut your water bill down to a fraction of what it would be if you used new water for every car rather than cleaning and reusing most of it.

#3 Branding and Marketing

Your branding and marketing efforts will also play a role in your success. Choosing the right logo and car wash name can make the difference between one mediocre performing wash versus a business that turns into a regional franchise. Advertising the $3 wash will bring a lot of customers (even though the driver may choose washes that range from $3-10). Free vacuums are another great draw.

#4 How the Facility Operates

The nice thing about an express wash is that it practically runs itself. You really only need one person on the clock to take money from a person who doesn’t want to pay at the machine or to refill chemicals that are running low. Most of the operation is automated, so you’re really just looking for someone with a friendly smile to deal with an occasional customer who feels the need to interact.

The Best $3 Express Wash Design and Construction Services

Car Wash Pro Designers offers the best design and construction services for an investor looking to own a turnkey express car wash. To learn more or to get your project started, contact us today!


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