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4 Land Considerations for Your Express Exterior Car Wash

The location and quality of the land that you choose to put your express exterior wash on will have an immediate impact on the return you get on your investment. We’re going to take a look at the four main considerations when choosing the land to buy for your car wash project.

#1 Find a Site with a High Daily Traffic Count

You need a lot of eyes to hit your car wash. While a great experience will bring drivers back for more, your first-time customers are likely to roll in when they see your signs for a $3 express exterior wash or for the free vacuums. The higher your daily traffic count, the more opportunities you have to acquire new customers with your signage.

#2 Find a Site with a High Capture Rate

Your capture rate will be a percentage of the cars that pass by daily. A number of things will impact this rate. You may have 100,000 cars pass your spot per day, but if there is no visibility due to large surrounding buildings, then you may not get as many vehicles to notice your wash as a lot that has half as many cars drive by but better visibility for signage. Drivers make quick decisions, but if pulling into your lot is all about convenience, not seeing it until the last movement can convince a driver just to pass by. That actually leads directly to our next consideration.

#3 Find a Convenient Lot for Ingress and Egress

A median can be your worst enemy. Few drivers are going to make a U-turn for the sake of a car wash. If you are on a high-speed road, this too can cause drivers to shy away because it may be perceived as dangerous to slow down when pulling into the lot and again when exiting from a standstill back onto the main road. Try to find a location where drivers will be able to access the lot easily and safely.

#4 Find a Large Enough Lot

While an express exterior wash won’t have long lines (simply because it can take so many cars per hour), you still want enough room in the lot for drivers to navigate to and from the vacuums and into the wash itself conveniently. If the lot is congested and involves a lot of tight turns, this can hurt the consumer experience and your chance at a loyal customer.

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you through the entire process of investing in an express exterior car wash. From finding the right piece of land and getting a loan for your project to the design and construction of the wash, we have the experience you want in your corner. Contact us today to get started.



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