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5 Things You Need to Know if You Manage an Express Car Wash

The $3 Express Car Wash is poised to be the top car wash of 2018. But if you want to become the manager of an express exterior wash, what should you know? Here are five important tips for express car wash managers.

  1. Monitor Quality – The fact that your wash can run through upwards of cars per hour, you have a $3 option, and free vacuums are enough to bring in customers. However, if you want to keep them coming back, you need to be sure you are providing the best wash possible. That means regular quality checks to ensure the equipment is working properly and producing satisfied customers.

  2. Hope for Bad Weather – Oh sure, you won’t see a lot of traffic on a rainy or snowy day, but you better believe the cars will line up the day after to get the dirt and grime off. Bad weather is actually a blessing for express wash owners.

  3. Customer Service Is a Priority – Sure, your customers won’t have a ton of interaction with employees if everything goes smoothly. However, if a customer ever has a complaint or simply wants to interact with a person, you want to be sure that your employees can offer friendly customer service with a smile.

  4. Keep Learning – There are always new express wash products releasing that are better for the environment, more efficient, and improve quality for customers. Don’t start out as the premier wash in town and gradually become the wash that everyone avoids because you’ve never updated your facility.

  5. Market Online – Geo-targeted campaigns can bring in local customers from across town who have never driven by your establishment. You can also pull in passing traffic if you are near an interstate or another major highway. Mobile marketing is particularly important because most drivers will be looking for a wash while they are out and about rather than sitting at a desk at home.

Tips for Running Your New $3 Express Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers offer more than just the best express wash design and construction services. Whether you want us to build a turnkey carwash from the ground up or are looking for the best express wash operation and management tips, we have the experience to help make your business a success. Contact us today to get started on your project, and keep up with our blog for more great express wash advice.


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