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A Note from CarWashProDesigners about COVID-19 and the Future

To our clients and colleagues,

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with situations that, for most of us, are unprecedented. Seemingly every place of gathering, except for supermarkets, are closed for communal business. In many ways, it's too much to manage. But manage it we must. We are committed to getting our clients' work done and to doing our part to better the situation. This is Car Wash Pro Designers plan through the end of March, in accordance with the Federal guidelines that were issued on Monday.

Responsibility to the community: The first responsibility of Car Wash Pro Designers employees is to minimize the spread of the virus. Our employees are taking all the necessary precautions involving general hygiene, social distancing, and avoiding meeting places. Our employees are regularly updated on useful information on the virus. We also encourage any employee with a hint of the symptoms to stay home and seek medical attention.

Responsibility to our clients: It’s our mission to move our clients' projects forward. To do so, Car Wash Pro Designers has offered all employees the ability to work from home. This is no small feat considering the challenges that arise with remote work, including slow home internet speeds and potential security issues. We are allowing our employees to take home their work PCs and monitors from the office. Their PCs are robust machines and will not be replicated by a home computer, but slower connections from home internet to our office fiber connection will slow down our productivity. To combat security concerns, we are expanding the capability of our VPN to allow for most of our employees to work from home with the same security they would have in our office locations.

Regarding travel and in-person meetings: We would prefer to eliminate air travel until the middle of April. The airports are scary places right now. Any airline trips scheduled with our clients before April 13th will be rescheduled soon. The same goes for in-person meetings. Obviously, we will attend any scheduled Plan Commission, Zoning Board or City Council meetings. Many of our clients have already communicated similar travel and meeting policies on their end.

We are here to continue the level of service we have been providing since opening our doors. Feel free to reach out as if business as usual. Best personal regards and wishes for good health and renewed prosperity,

Nick Spallone Principal – CarWashProDesigners

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