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Are You Thinking About Buying an Express Car Wash?

If you are thinking about buying an existing express exterior car wash, as opposed to having one designed and constructed new, there are a few things you need to consider. This will help you decide whether you want to purchase an existing facility or start new construction.

Purchase Costs

It can cost about $2.5-3.5 million to design and build a new express exterior car wash, (not including land costs). So don’t get sucked into paying too much for a preexisting facility when there are clear advantages to having one built to your specifications.

Car Wash Equipment

Does the existing wash use modern equipment including a water reclamation system? If not, you need to factor in the additional costs of your purchase such as upgrading the equipment and the downtime needed to have it installed. You may even need to remodel the structure to be able to upgrade your equipment, which costs even more money and time.

Type of Wash

Is the car wash an older bay style unit rather than the modern tunnel style? Since bays can’t go through cars as quickly as a tunnel and conveyor system, you are losing out on the opportunity to take as many customers during busy times. It may even be costing the business customers when long lines form during the lunch hour or on weekends.

Consult with Car Wash Professionals

Before you purchase an existing facility, a professional car wash designer can help you to see if this is the best investment for you or if starting from the ground up will offer better opportunities for long-term profit making. Who has the car wash industry knowledge and experience to help you make this type of key decision?

Car Wash Pro Designers – We Know Express Exterior Car Washes

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we have 60 years of combined car wash industry experience and have performed over $130 million in new construction and renovation of car washes. We know the industry inside and out because we’ve also managed our own successful car wash, and we’re distributors of car wash chemicals, equipment, security systems, dryers, and even water reclamation systems.

Before making an expensive car wash investment, contact the professionals at Car Wash Pro Designers. We can help you renovate an existing car wash, and we also offer design and construction of turnkey express exterior car washes that make use of the latest innovations.


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