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Avoid the Two Most Common Car Wash Ownership Mistakes

The car wash industry is an extremely lucrative one to invest in right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s foolproof. Here are the two most common mistakes that new car wash owners make, so you can avoid them and be profitable from day one.

Mistake #1 – Spending Your Time on the Car Wash Instead of Marketing

By hiring a company like Car Wash Pro Designers to design and construct your car wash, you can leave the development of the wash and marketing to the pros and focus your attention on the operations side of things. You want to be sure that you can bring in customers from day one. That means marketing in the local area, having your wash set up to be visible on Google maps, and making sure there is enough signage inviting passersby to your wash.

One of the big draws of an express exterior wash is that you can have large signs on all sides of your building inviting drivers in for the $3 wash or FREE use of your vacuums. This entices new customers who may eventually begin to choose the more expensive wash types.

Social media is another great place to advertise your wash. Car Wash Pro Designers will insure and implement the setup of your Facebook and Instagram accounts and proudly show some sparkling clean cars!

Mistake #2 – Not Studying the Industry Before Buying In

We’ve seen investors start up a full-service wash, which can make some money, but you lose out on the best investment in the current market. Right now, the express exterior wash is a superior revenue maker. You may not get as much per wash, but volume and customer base are much larger. It is easy to market, and you have very little overhead. The fact alone that you can have one person operating your car wash instead of several dozen will make a huge difference in daily profits, especially on a cloudy day.

Hire the Pros and Avoid the Common Car Wash Investment Mistakes

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we have decades of experience in the industry. We’ve seen how car washes have evolved to meet the needs of busy car owners, and we’ve modified our approach to match. The express exterior car wash is the future of the industry. So, if you are ready to make a serious investment with big returns, contact us today to start your turnkey car wash project.



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