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Big Takeaway’s from the ICA’s 2019 Consumer Study

The results are in, and things are looking good for the car wash industry. Today we are going to take a look at a few of the most important statistics gathered by the International Carwash Association in their latest study.

Things Car Wash Investors Should Know

Whether you already own a car wash and are looking to expand your sphere of influence or you are looking to enter this lucrative sector, you will want to know some of the following stats.

  • Fewer people are washing their car at home – The main competitor to car washes is drivers deciding to wash their own car in the driveway. But according to this study, only about 42% of people wash their car at home. This is a dramatic change from 54% the previous year. And it means that you have another 12% of drivers to entice to your wash.

  • More new cars – In 2019, the number of new vehicles sold in the US was the highest in 40 years! Of course, the numbers were likely a little lower in 2020 due to the pandemic, but there are still more people out there than ever before with a car that is three years old or newer, and our next stat explains why that is so vital.

  • 57% of people who own a three-year-old or newer vehicle wash their car at least once per month. The numbers decline drastically when a car is ten years old or older, so more new car owners are good for the car wash industry.

  • People don’t mind paying a premium for a good car wash – Less than one-quarter of people surveyed were disappointed in the price of a car wash. Just keep their cars clean, and drivers will keep paying what you ask.

  • The majority of American’s view washing the car as normal maintenance – Since it protects the car’s longevity and value, this is accurate, and 59% of people in the US agree.

  • Car wash monthly unlimited programs really work – In fact, 14% of car wash users claim to already belong to such a loyalty program. If you are not offering one yet, it is time to get in on a booming part of the industry.

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