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Boardwalk Car Wash - Modern Car Care

Brace yourself for the "Taj Mahal" of car washes! With 9, 800 square feet of glitz and glamor you won't have to worry about competition because no other car wash can compare to the luxury this one offers.

Featuring a Venetian like theme with marble corridors, a four bay detail shop, an 100 foot long California style hand wash, and an underground garage (additional work area) and 2 large executive style offices with custom cabinets and cherry wood hard floors that overlook the entire car wash. The landscaping is well manicured with sprawling trees surrounding the property.

This car wash is not just about pampering ones car, so to speak. The owners will feel pampered as well while enjoying the luxurious comforts inside including an upscale Coffee Shop and beverage shop.​


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