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FAQ for First-Time Express Exterior Wash Investors

New investors in an industry have a lot of questions. After all, while the car wash industry is perfectly geared toward investors who want to make high returns, it is also an expensive industry to get into. You don’t want to make that kind of investment without doing your research first. Here are three questions that new investors in the car wash industry frequently ask.

Which Type of Car Wash Should I Build?

There are tons of different car wash types out there. Manual, coin-operated washes still function in some small towns across America. Much more common are wash bays that are automatic. But even with automatic wash bays, you have options such as whether or not they will be brushless. Then there is the Express Exterior $3 Tunnel Wash with a conveyor system designed to maximize the number of cars that can go through the wash in a short amount of time.

So which wash is right for you? As a serious investor, you will want to go for the wash that will earn the most revenue while being able to minimize expenses that can cut into your profits. That means investing in a tunnel wash that can wash more cars with little staff on hand.

Would It Be Better to Purchase an Existing Car Wash?

First and foremost, you must ask yourself why the wash owner is even looking to sell, especially in a market where most carwash owners are making a fortune. Does the wash need some serious upgrades in equipment? Is it not located in the right area so that drivers can easily access the wash or where drivers want to take their cars somewhere to be washed?

Oftentimes, having a new car wash designed and built is the better option because you know you are getting modern equipment that will last for years to come and you can find the best location for the wash where there will be high demand and easy access for drivers.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Express Exterior Wash?

Building an express exterior wash is only for serious investors. Besides land costs, you are looking at $2.5-3.5 million for design and construction costs. However, a good express exterior wash in the US can make upwards of $2,000,000 per year, so you can recover your investment quickly and make a huge profit. You may even decide you want to develop several washes once you get your first one going.

Contact Car Wash Pro Designers to discuss your express exterior wash options. We design and build turnkey operations that are ready to start bringing in revenue from the day we turn over the keys.

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