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How Proper Maintenance Can Save You Car Wash Money

When you see a defunct car wash, you probably imagine it was the picture-perfect business until the day they closed the bay doors for the last time. However, many car washes fall into disrepair first, and that ends up being the reason they go out of business. How can you save money and maybe even protect your investment by maintaining it properly? Here are some essential tips.

Maintenance: The High Cost of Skipping It

The number one reason that car washes fall into disrepair is that there is a cost associated with maintenance and maybe even a little downtime. However, maintenance saves you money in the long run. Consider some of the following ways:

  • Equipment function – When your car wash equipment is functioning optimally, you save money on cleaning agents and water. As equipment ages and begins to fail, cleaning solvents may be wasted. Additional use of water increases utility bills.

  • Customer satisfaction – When cars come out of the wash clean, you get repeat business. But when equipment falls into disrepair, you end up with unhappy customers who take their business elsewhere.

  • Emergency repairs – When you schedule maintenance, you can fix problems quickly and when you usually have low volume anyway. However, if equipment fails due to lack of maintenance, you may find your equipment down for days waiting for repairs or parts. Even if the problem has an easy fix, you may have lost out on the busiest part of a day. That can hurt your profits considerably.

Training and Maintenance

Proper maintenance occurs when you have someone trained to check possible trouble areas on a regular basis. Whether it is an employee going down a daily checklist or a distributor checking equipment on a quarterly or annual basis, you want to learn about problems before they become significant issues. This avoids emergency issues that can affect your car wash’s relationship with customers or the local community in general. On the other hand, proper training and maintenance can produce a business with minimal downtime that customers and consumers see as a pillar in the community.

Car Wash Designs, Maintenance, and More from the Pros

Car Wash Pro Designers is proud to be a leader in the industry, especially with our focus on turnkey construction of express exterior car washes. To learn more, contact us today and find out if this is the right investment for you.

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