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Keeping Utility Bills to a Minimum at Your Express Car Wash

What is the biggest drain on the profits of a car wash owner? Energy costs! If you get hit with huge utility bills due to the electricity required for operation of your car wash equipment and all of the water being used by your rinse and wash cycles, you could be left with meager profits instead of the major earnings you should be anticipating.

If your hopes are that energy costs may decrease on their own, that likelihood is unfortunately slim to none. Here are a few things to keep in mind so that your energy bills are kept to a minimum and your bottom line is maximized.

Water Reclamation Units

Every express wash is typically outfitted with a water reclamation system, if for no other reason than to be environmentally conscious. However, our express wash facilities use a fraction of the water our competitors are using (approximately 15GPV vs 80GPV) ultimately saving yourself a large majority of your water bill, and the significant costs of installing a reclaim system.

Energy Saving LED Lighting

LED lighting not only saves you on your electricity bill, but the bulbs also don’t have to be changed out as often, so that can reduce your overall maintenance costs. LED lighting can be a little more expensive when it comes to the initial install, but in the long run it will help you turn revenue into profit for your car wash brand rather than for the electric company.

New Construction Versus Upgrading

When you upgrade an existing wash, it can take a while for energy savings to start to offset the initial cost of the upgrade. It is much better to factor in energy costs right from the beginning when you are having your express car wash designed and built. That means hiring a smart and experienced design and construction team that can provide you with a functional wash that gets the job done while at the same time ensuring that your profits don’t go down the drain (literally).

Car Wash Pro Designers – The Right Team for Serious Investors

If you are ready for a professionally designed and built express exterior wash that helps you make a serious return on your investment, then you want Car Wash Pro Designers in your corner. We know the car wash industry from the inside out, and the future is the $3 express wash. Let us help you invest in the car wash industry the right way. Contact us today to get started!


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