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Quiet Quitting – A Modern Car Wash Owner’s Nightmare

Unfortunately, the modern work ethic is not the same as it once was. What if you go through the trouble of training a bunch of employees only to find out they are unsatisfied with their job, pay, or some other aspect of the business? Then, instead of turning in two weeks’ notice and giving you time to bring someone new on, they follow the modern trend of quiet quitting.

This can be quite disruptive for a business. Let’s address what quiet quitting is, what the best ways to prevent it are, and how working with Car Wash Pro Designers can help.

What Is Quiet Quitting?

As a business owner, you need to know about this modern workplace trend. Quiet quitting is when an employee decides they are going to show up for work and do as little as possible – not so little that you have a “valid” reason to fire them. Just little enough that their lack of enthusiasm is making them a liability instead of an asset. They’re trying to leave you with no choice but to replace them and pay unemployment rather than just quitting and looking for another job themselves.

How to Keep Quiet Quitting at Bay?

Once an employee reaches this point, it is rare to be able to recover them as a valuable asset. Even providing a raise usually won’t drag them out of this feeling that there is no future for them working with your company. So here are a few ways to stay ahead of quiet quitting.

  • Make sure employees know a poor work ethic will not be tolerated, and stick to your guns. It’s better to let someone go and replace them than to watch them go through the motions for months and then end up in the same situation anyway.

  • Incentivize your employees. Reward them regularly with praise (and financially, on occasion) when they stay motivated.

  • Make the job one they don’t want to lose. Let them prioritize family when there is a legitimate emergency or a special event for which they need time off. Don’t demand overtime. Try to avoid overworking your best employees – you don’t want them to feel like they are being taken advantage of.

Of course, the best way to avoid quiet quitting is to have a well-trained staff who enjoy their work and feel appreciated. Car Wash Pro Designers can help!

A True Turnkey Express Exterior Car Wash

At Car Wash Pro Designers, when we say turnkey, we mean it! We even help you train your staff and management team at a fully functional car wash. So, by the time your business has its grand opening, you can trust that you have a valuable team who can support the company for many years to come. Learn more about our express exterior car washes today!

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