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3 Reasons to Choose a $3 Express Wash Over a $5 or More Car Wash Models

If you are going to invest several million dollars in a business, you want the returns to start pouring in quickly. That’s why the car wash industry makes sense. It’s a cash business, and most of your revenue is profit right from day one. So why would choose a business model that allows customers to have a $3 option? Here are three important reasons.

#1 You Want to Draw in New Customers Quickly

Nothing is going to bring a customer into your car wash faster than finding out they can get something for just $3. People will realize that it is a minimal wash, but at least it’s something. Offering free vacuums along with the $3 express wash can sweeten the deal even more. You will eventually get loyal customers who spring for the more expensive washes.

#2 You Want Customers to Come Back More Often

No one is going to go to the car wash on a cloudy day, even if the car is covered in pollen. It’s because people feel that cleaning the car is a waste of money if it is going to rain. You understand the importance of getting that pollen off the paint sooner rather than later but convincing a consumer to part with $5, $7 or even $9 for a basic wash is going to be a stretch. A $3 wash, on the other hand, may move someone to pull in and get the car cleaned up even with the threat of rain looming, or even with the streets wet with slushy snow.

#3 You Want to Offer Something the Competition Doesn’t Have

If you’re not the only automatic wash in town, the $3 wash can give your place a competitive advantage. Even loyal customers of the other washes may duck in for a quick $3 wash when they are on your side of town. If they find the wash does a decent job, they may be curious to come back and try the other wash types. It’s just one more thing that brings in new clients for your business.

Turnkey Express Car Washes

From design to construction, Car Wash Pro Designers is the only name you need to remember when you want to get into the car wash industry and start earning some big money. If you are a serious investor, contact us today to learn more about turnkey express exterior car wash projects.


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