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Take Your Car Wash Marketing to the Next Level!

An express exterior car wash is a major investment, but it can also result in a huge return. One of the keys to success is understanding how to market your car wash to local vehicle owners and travelers in the area. Here are some of the best tips.

Start with Signage

Entering a car wash is often a last-minute decision a driver makes when they are out and about. The right signage can bring in locals and visitors by showing them there is a great place to get their car washed fast and at the right price. This also makes the location of your car wash important so that you can get the signage into a position where it will bring in customers. And the easier it is to get in and out of the parking lot, the more likely your signs are to bring in those spontaneous sales.

Use Local Marketing

From billboards and flyers to locally targeted digital ads, you want to attract an audience that can decide your car wash is going to be their go-to place for getting all their vehicles clean. Bringing in spontaneous washes is one thing, but there is no substitute for building up a loyal local customer base if you want to maximize your profits.

A Digital Presence Is Crucial

No business should be avoiding digital marketing. From creating a website to manning regularly updated social media accounts, there are plenty of ways to create and grow a digital presence. This is also the fastest way to reach a target audience by using carefully crafted marketing campaigns that advertise to people of driving age in your physical region.

Multimedia Marketing Is a Must

If a picture says a thousand words, then videos tell tens or even hundreds of thousands. You need to have a professional take great pictures and videos of your car wash in action and then use them across digital channels. Post images and videos on social media and on your website, and use them in your marketing campaigns to tell the story of your brand and attract people to your car wash.

Get Your Express Exterior Car Wash Investment Started Today!

Car Wash Pro Designers is here to help put you on the path to successful car wash ownership. We can take you from the drawing board straight through the marketing campaigns that will turn your wash into a profit machine. Check out our turnkey express exterior car wash package to learn more!

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