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The $3 Express Exterior Wash Versus a Hand Wash

There’s really no contest when it comes to being the owner of a $3 express exterior wash versus a full-service hand wash. For profitability and ease of customer acquisition, the $3 express exterior wash is going to win out every time. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages of the $3 express exterior wash.

  • Low overhead – An express exterior wash can be run with just one employee on site much of the time and a maximum of about 5 employees total. A full-service car wash requires 20-50 employees to operate and keep the cars moving during a busy time. The problem is that you may as well not even open on a cloudy day. You’ll be paying all those employees to sit around and drain your profits. At an express wash, you may still draw in customers for the $3 express exterior wash, and that can make it worth it to be open.

  • Appeals to all drivers – With the rare exception of someone with a luxury import like a Ferrari, you can get just about anyone to use your express exterior wash. A hand wash requires higher prices because you have to pay for the staff. Therefore, you are only going to bring in drivers who are willing to spend a bunch of money to baby their car, and that usually means drivers of luxury vehicles. The customer base for an express wash, on the other hand, is unlimited.

  • You can handle a much larger volume – You may not be charging as much for your wash, but when you can wash 100 to 140 or more cars per hour with minimal overhead, your profits are going to be huge during the busy times. The employees at a hand wash can only clean so many cars per day.

  • Consistency is all but guaranteed – At a hand wash car wash, consistency depends on the quality of your employees, and that means spending even more for your workers. At an express exterior wash, the equipment should be producing a quality finish every time. Your customers know exactly what to expect.

Invest in a $3 Express Exterior Car Wash Today

If you are looking to get into the car wash industry, the express exterior wash is the way to go. To get your turnkey project started now, contact Car Wash Pro Designers for more information.


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