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6 Things to Look for When Finding Land for Your Express Exterior Car Wash

The location is one of the key elements to success when it comes to opening an express exterior wash. If you are going to spend $2-3 million on an investment (plus land costs), you need to be sure you are going to maximize your return. Here are six things we always look for when helping clients to find a place for your new car wash.

  1. Car count – How many cars drive past the future car wash site on a daily basis? For optimal profits, you want about 30,000 cars to drive by each day, but you can get by with less if you are willing to market your express wash in other ways besides just being readily visible.

  2. Easy access – If you do have a high car count on the road, but only half of the cars have access due to the land being on a divided highway, you don’t really have that many cars passing by who can get to your wash without finding a place to turn around (which few people will do when making a split second decision to pull in for a wash).

  3. Speed limit – You don’t want to put a wash on a road with a high speed limit. It makes ingress and egress more dangerous and makes it difficult to catch the attention of drivers if they pass by at highway speeds. A road with a speed limit of 45 mph or less is optimal.

  4. High visibility – You don’t want to be on a sharp curve or in a place where your wash will be blocked by another building. Being on a corner can be great depending on how busy the corner is and how well traffic is managed.

  5. Visible signage – If you place signage on your building advertising your $3 express exterior wash or the free vacuums, will anyone be able to see it? Some have opted to place the building on a road that allows the back side of the tunnel wash to face an Interstate for extra sign visibility.

  6. Demographics – Are the people who live in the area going to be able to afford your higher priced washes? Remember that the $3 express exterior wash is designed to bring in first-time customers, but you want people to spring for the pricier options eventually.

Your Express Exterior Wash Design and Construction Experts

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