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Three Ways High Tech Express Car Wash Equipment Is Changing the Game

The ever-improving quality of express exterior car wash equipment is good news for car wash owners and investors. We’re going to take a closer look at three of the benefits that come from modern technology in the car wash sector. Then we will discuss your opportunity to get in on this rapidly expanding industry.

Higher Quality Tunnel and Conveyer Car Wash Systems

As the equipment improves for tunnel and belt conveyor systems, customers are getting a better wash. The most modern systems actually calculate the best way to wash each vehicle based on the size it detects. This helps ensure that a wide truck with large mirrors or a smart car can both enjoy a great wash at your establishment. The cleaner vehicles are, the more likely you are to get repeat business. So the improved wash quality is making it easier to create brand loyalty, assuming you are willing to spring for high-end equipment and professional installation.

Self-Operating Car Washes with Proprietary Software

One of the biggest expenses at a car wash is having to pay attendants to be on hand to help out with problems. When it comes to modern express exterior washes, this labor cost is greatly reduced. First of all, modern software allows the operator to manage the equipment from afar, so in most cases, you only need one person onsite for emergency situations. Second, modern equipment removes a lot of the user error, so while your operator can have real-time control over the wash, it can run on its own in most cases.

Efficiency Saves Money and Helps the Environment

Efficient equipment saves water and reduces the amount of car wash chemicals that need to be used. This can help you to meet modern efficiency guidelines, saves you money on utilities, and can allow you to offer your express exterior wash as a green alternative to washing a car in one’s driveway (which uses more water and increases the likelihood of chemicals getting into groundwater).

Your Source for the Best Express Exterior Wash Equipment and Design

Car Wash Pro Designers is here to help you make a solid investment in a turnkey express exterior car wash business. From the design and construction of the facility to the equipment installation and ongoing consulting, we’re the team you want on your side. Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to run your own express exterior wash or an investor who wants to start a franchise, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.


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