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What Are Bollards & Why Your Car Wash Parking Lot Needs Them

One of the things you have to think about at your express exterior car wash is how you will minimize risks to drivers navigating the parking lot as well as using your vacuums and other stations that are outside of the wash bay itself. One popular option that helps enhance safety without requiring a lot of maintenance is bollards. What are bollards and how can they provide a necessary service for your customers?

What Are Bollards?

This is a more common word in British English, but Americans may be familiar with it in the nautical sense. For example, you may use a bollard to tie off a small boat to keep it from drifting away. However, the idea of bollards in a parking area follows the same concept. It’s a post. But instead of using it to tie anything to, in this case, you are using it to direct traffic or to prevent cars from going in a particular direction.

A place where you may commonly see bollards used for this purpose in the US is to restrict vehicles from entering pedestrian areas. This would prevent a driver from making a wrong turn and causing a dangerous situation for people on a walk.

What Purpose Do Bollards Serve in a Car Wash Parking Lot

Again, the idea is safety. Bollards can be used to control traffic in the parking lot, restricting cars from going into certain areas and guiding them in the direction you want them to drive. For example, you can use bollards to create a safe area for drivers to exit their vehicles and use the free vacuums that are associated with the express exterior car wash.

What Type of Bollards Are Best?

Fixed bollards are both safer and more attractive than just setting up some traffic cones that a car could easily drive through. The advantage of fixed bollards is the additional safety. The downside is that moving them will require professional work on your parking lot.

There are also retractable bollards. This allows you the option to lower the bollards and open the parking lot fully. They are just as safe but can be retracted permanently instead of being removed if you ever decide you no longer need them.

Additionally, there are also movable and retractable bollards, but those take you back in the direction of traffic cones. They are less secure (although more attractive than a big orange cone).

We’ll Walk You Though Every Essential Decision

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