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What Car Wash Consumers Really Want

The International Car Wash Association releases statistics each year to help owners understand the industry better. Here are some takeaways from the most recent study they released regarding the top factor’s drivers use to choose a car wash.

#1 How Well the Wash Cleans

The whole point of a car wash is in the name. This is the number one thing that consumers expect from your wash. Keep your equipment well maintained because if they get home and the car isn’t clean, that’s a customer who will find a different wash next time.

#2 Affordability

More than fourth fifths of drivers wanted to feel like they were getting good value for their money. Again, the cleanliness of the wash plays a role. The more add-ons your wash throws in, the more you can charge. Plus, having a low priced Basic Express Wash option for a driver who just wants to run through on a day when they are short on money will get you that sale and the repeat business. Free vacuums are another value add-on that allows you to raise prices on the actual washes.

#3 Convenient Location/Access

Drivers don’t want to have to worry about getting into an accident to get in and out of your parking lot. A convenient location with easy access to the parking lot entrance and exit is a must if you want to get repeat business.

#4 The Gloss Factor

There is a difference between clean and shiny. A nice finish can make it clear to everyone that this car just came from a wash. That’s the effect drivers want, at least about three-quarters of them. Every mode except the Basic Express Wash should get a nice spray on wax at the end to create this effect.

#5 Dryers

About two-thirds of drivers want the car to be completely dry when they pull out of the lot, and they don’t want to have to get out and towel off the vehicle. While separate dryers for customers who want them may save a little time for the third who don’t care, this seems like too much of a want for the majority of drivers to leave it out of the express tunnel.

Get Your Express Exterior Car Wash Project Started

Now that you know what drivers want, the next step is to give it to them. Car Wash Pro Designers is here to help. Contact us today to learn about our turnkey car wash design and development projects.


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