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Choosing the Right Location for Your Express Wash

A modern express car wash can make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Location is one key element when it comes to a successful car wash business. What are some factors that you should consider when choosing a location for your express wash?

#1: Competition

A small town of 20,000 people probably doesn’t need 5 express car washes. When the market is that saturated, you end up with price wars and a fierce battle for the attention of each driver. While it is possible to be successful in an environment like that, you need to have the best equipment, provide a high-quality wash, and offer competitive rates. That can cut into your bottom line.

Then you have situations like what one wash owner is dealing with in a small town in Maine. With 16,000 people and just one automatic car wash, the parking lot can’t handle the lines when things get busy on the weekends and at other times. According to one news report, police are handing out warnings to cars parked on line that are blocking the street and tickets will start being handed out if drivers don’t comply. That’s the perfect situation for a new car wash to open on the other side of town (or even the other side of the street).

#2: Location and Lot Size

The big issue that car wash in Maine is experiencing is that the lot can’t handle the number of cars that are lined up. It’s an in-bay wash, as opposed to a tunnel wash that could go through those cars a lot faster. However, other issues include the size of the lot and its location along a main road that can’t afford to have car wash traffic backing up the lanes.

By placing a car wash in the right part of town, using the right kind of equipment to handle high volume, and purchasing a lot with enough room to handle a decent flow of customer traffic, many such issues can be avoided, and more money can be made. After all, drivers being warned by police about lining up down a road are likely to drive by next time they see the parking lot full.

The Right Mix of Location and Efficiency

Of course, having a car wash in the best possible location isn’t always possible. Whether you have a corner lot or a lot in the middle of a busy street, the key is to design the car wash plans in such a way so as to move traffic quickly and safely through the lot, into the wash, and back out into normal traffic patterns. This takes a solid architectural design and ultra-fast wash equipment that can process dozens of cars per hour, so you don’t lose any revenue during busy times.

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