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5 Ways to Give Your Car Wash Business a Boost

Car washes make money when placed in the right location simply because they offer a service that most people need and want. However, if there is more than one car wash in town, following a few simple tips can make the difference between being the car wash everyone thinks of first and being the empty building on the outskirts of town a year from now. Here are 5 ways to win the war for new customers in your neighborhood.

  • The Value of Informed Customers – When you educate the community on your industry, you become the local authority. That means people will try your car wash first since it is clear you know your business well. Something as simple as a car wash blog can take you from new car wash on the block to industry leader.

  • Fill a Need for Customers – There may already be another car wash in town, but what do drivers in the area really need. Can your car wash be faster? Get cars cleaner? Or offer options not available anywhere else in the area?

  • Community Networking – Car washes may attract some traffic from travelers, but your bread and butter is local consumers. Get in with local taxi drivers, limo or car services, or corporations that a have a fleet of vehicles. Community events are a great place to meet other business owners and turn neighbors into clients.

  • Take Suggestions – A simple survey can let you know what you are doing right and anything you can do to attract and keep customers. Be sure to make the necessary changes to meet the needs of your local community.

  • Create Loyalty – You do this by providing the best product, good customer service, and the right promotions. A loyalty or rewards program can also work wonders. Everything from social media to a mobile app can make your business the one people in town talk about when someone asks where’s the best place to get a car wash.

Building Your Car Wash Business from the Ground Up

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you build a successful car wash business from the planning stages to your first customer. Our years of experience in the industry as owners, operators, and distributors put us in a unique position to help investors with no experience to make a triumph of a new car wash venture. Contact us today to find out how!

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