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3 Steps to Increasing Your Car Wash Revenue

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The car wash industry is in a great spot right now, but if you have an aging coin-operated car wash that is trying to compete with the shiny new express wash across town, it may not feel that way. How can you update your wash and get back in the game without getting in over your head? Here is a 3-step program for increasing your car wash revenue.

#1 Remodeling a Car Wash

The good news is that those coin-operated, self-serve wash bays probably have a lot of what you need for an upgrade. That means you may not be in need of new buildings or running any more utility lines. As a result, remodeling your car wash may not be as expensive as you think. By connecting with a modern car wash equipment distributor, you can get an estimate of what your project will cost. Plus, modern equipment may include water reclamation or more efficient use of cleaning soaps, which can help you to recoup some of your costs by means of improved efficiency.

#2 Discovering Car Wash Financing

Rather than having to come up with seed money on your own, car wash financing can help you to get the new equipment you need to be competitive while creating a manageable debt to income ratio. When you get help putting together a business plan and finding a lender that can offer a low APR, your payments can end up smaller than the increased business revenue, meaning that you start making money off of your project from month one.

#3 Converting a Self-Serve Wash Bay to Automatic

According to some statistics, self-service bays bring in about $1,500 per month versus automatic bays that can easily gross over $10,000 monthly. As a result, converting a self-serve wash bay to an automatic wash may provide you with 6-7 times the monthly income. That’s just about as high of a return on investment as you can expect from any venture.

Car Wash Pro Designers Makes It Happen

From remodeling an existing car wash to churning out a complete turnkey car wash operation, Car Wash Pro Designers does it all. We’re equipment and supply distributors, construction managers, and we can even help you put together a comprehensive business plan that represents your project needs accurately for a commercial banker. Contact us today to get started on your car wash remodel design plans and construction.

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