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Developing a Loyalty Program for Your Car Wash Business

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It feels good when loyalty is rewarded. That’s why people stick with brands that have loyalty programs. If you are establishing a new car wash in town or if you are trying to keep your customers from leaving for the next wash that gets built nearby, a loyalty program may do the trick. But there are definitely a few things to keep in mind.

6 Tips for developing a Good Loyalty Program

Here are some of the things that will encourage drivers to become loyal patrons of your wash.

  1. Make it simple for customers to sign-up – Going to a car wash is all about convenience. If you make the loyalty program complicated, no one will want to join.

  2. Provide the right benefits – What do customers get for signing up? Does the program offer a free wash after a certain amount of paid washes? Does it offer unlimited access to the wash for a monthly fee?

  3. Make the program trackable – In other words, can you tell if your customers are taking advantage of the program, if it is bringing in new customers, and if it is resulting in more business?

  4. Get equipped with the proper tech – Technology can make a loyalty program simple for you and for your customers. RFID tags can simplify tracking how often a customer uses the wash, and it can also help to ensure that someone isn’t abusing the program by sharing rewards with other drivers.

  5. Market the program – No one will sign up for your rewards program if they don’t know it exists. You need to invest in some advertising, but you can also make this part of the job description of employees – to encourage drivers to sign up (without being too pushy, of course).

  6. Set the right price – Setting the right price point is vital. For example, if you charge $10 per wash, you may not get many takers for a $40 monthly pass. Most people don’t wash a car more than once per week, so that doesn’t really provide any discount to the patron. However, if you charge $15 per month, you may be losing out on the revenue from people who would have been more than happy to pay $35 just to get a slight discount.

Help in Developing the Ultimate Car Wash Business

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