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4 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing for Your Car Wash Business

Digital marketing is a whole new world for many car wash owners and investors. How can you improve your customer acquisition and retention techniques using modern marketing methods? Here are 4 particular forms of modern marketing that can be effective for car wash owners.

Use Text Messaging

Texting your customers is an affordable way to keep in touch. Customers often find it far more convenient than other forms of contact with a business since texting has become a common part of life. Plus, text message marketing statistics show that this is a highly successful method of marketing. Why not try getting a cell phone number from your customers, get permission to text alerts, and then use this method for offering special promotions.

Ask for Online Reviews

Unfortunately, people often only take the time to go online a review a business if they had a bad experience. However, many people use a company’s rating online as the primary means of deciding where to go for products or services. That means it is important to ask your customers to review your business. Provide an incentive like a discounted wash for those who leave an honest review. People who like your wash will leave positive reviews because they intend to come back anyway and want the discount.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the primary ways that businesses communicate with their customers. This is a great way to offer promotions or even just to say, “It’s a beautiful day out – don’t forget to get your car washed!” Be sure to interact in a friendly way with customers and you may end up with loyal clients who recommend your business to others.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Having a website is only half the battle. More and more users are online with a smartphone or tablet. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, a potential customer may find your site and leave for another one just as quickly. Plus, Google gives priority to sites that are mobile-optimized, so it is a must for your search engine ranking as well.

Marketing Your Turn-Key Car Wash Business

Car Wash Pro Designers have experience designing, building, managing, and marketing car wash businesses. If you are interested in investing in a turn-key car wash business, you want the pros on your team. We can take you all the way from the design phase to the money-making phase of owning a car wash.

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