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3 Ways Your $3 Express Wash Will Attract Business from Your Competitors

You may find the idea of opening a $3 express wash in a town that already has an established car wash to be a poor investment option. However, before you look for another town with no competition, remember that there may also not be many cars in the area or little demand for a wash – hence no existing establishment.

If you want to set up an express wash in a town that already has a couple of competing washes, here are three reasons you are likely to come out on top.

#1 Unbeatable Affordability

Let’s face it – we know that many consumers think with their wallet. That means a building that says $3 express wash on the side may bring in some of the competition’s customers on its own. Add to that the signs for your free vacuums and all those people who hate when their quarters run out just before they finish the whole car are sure to switch to your wash.

Are you worried that some people will see your wash is cheap and just assume it is inferior? That brings us to the second way you’ll attract new clients.

#2 A Better Quality Wash

Express washes are quick and cheap, but they still provide the wash consumers want. If a customer likes the $3 wash but wants something a little more, that’s why you have the $5, $7, and $10 options. All you need is to start getting customers in, rack up those 5-star reviews by offering a quality wash at a great price, and you’ve got the recipe for converting those skeptics.

#3 Convenient Speed

An express wash can handle up to 180 cars an hour while running at its peak performance. That means when the parking lot starts to fill up at a competing car wash, even those who prefer the other wash will come over to your fast-moving lines. For many business people and others who have noticed the hectic pace of modern life, anything that saves time is a major plus. You may even convert customers from your toughest competitor – that guy who insists on washing his own car in his driveway.

The Professional $3 Express Wash Designers and Builders

The only name you need to remember when it comes to $3 express car wash design and construction is Car Wash Pro Designers. With 26 years of experience in the industry, we’re the team you want to partner up with to turn your investment capital into an express wash that produces a high ROI. Contact us today to get your project started!

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