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3 Elements of a Successful Express Car Wash

An express car wash is a big investment. You can expect to spend $2-3 million on a turnkey project, and that’s not including land costs. But the return on investment can be equally impressive. So how can you be sure that your investment will reap the dividends you want? Here are three elements to a successful express wash.

#1 Investment Capital

You’ve probably heard the saying that you have to have money to make money. In the car wash industry, you’re not going to strike it big with a cheap building and equipment slapped together by some fly-by-night construction or equipment company. You need to be able to afford professional express car wash design and construction services. That means having access to investment capital. Most lenders will shell out the $2-3 million dollars necessary for your project if you can provide the following:

  1. Land Approved for the Use.

  2. Credit Score Higher than 700.

  3. 20% Commitment to the Overall Project Cost.

#2 Top-Quality Equipment

People may be able to get a $3 exterior wash at your high-speed express wash, but they will still expect a sparkling clean vehicle. That means you will need high-end equipment that can get a car clean in minutes without affecting the finish. That’s why you want top of the line features like a belt conveyor system and water reclamation. We work with only the best, and AVW EQUIPMENT COMPANY is just that.

#3 Branding

You also need to sell your brand. You’re probably not the only car wash in town, and even if you are, you don’t want everyone just calling you “the car wash.” That kind of forgettability won’t stand up to a new car wash being built on the other side of town. Plus, with the right branding, you may go from the proud owner of a car wash to the proud owner of an express wash franchise.

Getting Your Express Wash Started Right

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we want every investor who takes advantage of our professional express wash design and construction services to succeed and reap a high return on the investment. To that end, we strive to help our clients to acquire the investment capital you need to succeed. We’re proud to be partnered with AVW Equipment Company, so you know you are getting top of the line equipment for your new exterior wash. We’re also car wash branding experts, so whether you want to run one express wash or the biggest franchise in the region, we can help you put together the business plan to accomplish your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our turn-key carwash project services.

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