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If You Build It, They Will Come – 5 Reasons Drivers Want You to Build an Express Wash in Their Town

How can you be sure that customers will come to your new express wash? Here are five things that most drivers know that will send them to your establishment. And if you’re worried that drivers in the area don’t know these facts, you can make use of them in your marketing campaigns.

  1. Dirt Does Hurt – A car’s paint job is more than aesthetics. It also protects the vehicle’s metal frame from rust. When a car spends time covered in dirt and debris, this protective coating can be worn away.

  2. Road Salt Removal – Any location that has cold winters is going to result in cars being covered in road salt. This is even more corrosive than dirt in general. Even if the owner wants to wash his or her car at home, they probably won’t get all of the salt off the underside of the vehicle where it will start doing damage immediately. That means finding a professional car wash with an undercarriage service.

  3. Makes the Car Look Newer – When someone has six years of car payments on a vehicle, they don’t want to be driving around in something that looks like a busted Junker while still making those payments. Everyone knows, a weekly car wash is the best way to keep a car looking like new.

  4. Better Gas Mileage – On episode 127 of Mythbusters, Adam and Jaime averaged 26 miles per gallon in a clean car and only 24 miles per gallon in a dirty one. While the ultimate verdict was “Busted, Concept Plausible,” the actual results speak for themselves. The gas mileage improved by almost 10% when the car was clean.

  5. Environmental Benefits – There actually are environmental benefits to using an express wash rather than washing your car in your own driveway. Water reclamation systems and high-pressure nozzles ensure that there is little no water waste. Plus, at homes, the wastewater and cleaning agents can wash off into local water supplies whereas an express wash controls the disposal of wastewater by directing it to the local water treatment plant.

Let Car Wash Pro Designers Help You Build the Express Wash That Drivers Want

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we have decades of experience in designing, building, and managing car washes. We’ve learned a few things a long way, including the fact that an express exterior wash gives the people what they want. So let us design and build you a turnkey express car wash.

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