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How to Retain Your Express Exterior Wash Employees

How to Retain Your Express Exterior Wash Employees

One of the nice things about an express exterior wash is that you don’t need a large presence of employees for things to run smoothly. It keeps expenses WAY down and minimizes the number of staff members you need to find. However, when you only have one person operating your tunnel wash at a time, you always want the best man or woman for the job. That means retention rather than searching for a new perfect employee every few months. Here are a few tips for retaining your people.

Hire the Right Express Wash Employees

One key to retaining an employee is hiring the best person in the first place. If you bring on someone who can’t handle the responsibility, isn’t trustworthy, or just likes to change jobs every few months, you're going to either end up with someone you don’t want to employ long-term or someone who just has no intentions of staying regardless of the opportunities you present.

Provide the Right Training for Employees

There are a couple of things that are going to chase away an employee who could otherwise have been a valuable long-term asset. One of the big ones is insufficient training. No one wants to feel like they are doing a bad job at work, especially while trying their best. If someone doesn’t know how to do the job right, it’s just not fair to provide constant reprimands. If a well-trained employee just can’t hack it, that’s a different story.

Employee Compensation and Incentives

The other things that will cause a good employee to bolt is if they feel trapped in a dead-end job where they don’t make enough money or feel a sense of fulfillment. Of course, you can’t pay a car wash employee like an executive, so how can you provide sufficient compensation to keep employees onboard for the long haul?

  • Competitive Wages – The fact is that you require a very limited staff, which is saving you a ton of money. Why not invest a little bit of that back into the longevity of your team by paying more than the minimum wage? Offer the opportunity for raises as an employee proves to be an asset. This will keep your employees happy and provide a reason to stick around.

  • Additional Incentives – Besides a decent wage, offer your employees incentives that sweeten the deal. For example, you may give your employees a free unlimited membership to the wash. Even if the employees use the car wash twice a week, it’s a minimal expense to you and a nice bonus for them. You can also offer incentives based on how many monthly memberships the employee is able to sell. Offer a percentage of the first month’s fee as a commission.

When Car Wash Pro Designers offers a turnkey express exterior wash, we mean turnkey. We even help with the hiring and training process, so you start out with a car wash that is fully functional. All you have to do is provide the compensation and incentives to retain those employees. Contact us now to get started.

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